Ramadan Special – Crispy Chicken Pakora for Iftar Meal


Ramadan Special – Crispy Chicken Pakora for Iftar Meal

Ramadan Special – Crispy Chicken Pakora for Iftar Meal Mouth-watering tasty pakoras are everyone’s favorite hot snack and it usually made with vegetable dipped in a gram flour batter. Everybody has their variation for Pakora batter and this recipe is so simple. So, today I am going to share the simple yet delicious recipe of Crispy Chicken Pakora. It can be made without any other fancy ingredients. We just need a handful of ingredients to make them taste great and crispy. Also, it is not time-consuming within an hour they are ready to delight up your Iftar table.

Procedure to make Crispy Chicken Pakora

For making Crispy Chicken Pakora at home, you have to follow the simple and easy recipe which is given below.


  • Chicken boneless pieces, 350 gram
  • Vinegar, one tbsp
  • Garlic paste, half tsp
  • Salt, as required
  • Ginger paste, half tsp
  • Chili paste, two tbsp
  • Onion sliced, one
  • Coriander leaves, few sprigs
  • Roasted peanuts, ten
For making batter
  • Gram flour, one cup
  • Rice flour, quarter cup
  • Carom seeds, half tsp
  • Turmeric powder, half tsp
  • Red chili powder, half tsp
  • Salt, to taste
  • Egg, one
  • Hot oil, one tbsp
  • Baking soda, quarter tsp


  1. First of all, take a pot add boneless chicken pieces, vinegar, garlic paste, ginger paste, salt, chili paste and mix them well. Keep it aside for half hour.
  2. Now, take another bowl and add gram flour, rice flour, carom seeds, turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt and then gradually add water to turn the mixture into a thick
  3. After that, add one egg, hot oil, baking soda into the mixture and mix it properly.
  4. Then, add onion, coriander leaves and Roasted peanuts into the chicken pieces and give it a good mix.
  5. Finally, preheat the frying pan, take the chicken mixture and roll it then, coat it with the gram flour mixture and deep fry until golden brown.

Crispy Chicken Pakora is ready to eat now. Serve with hot sauce or tomato ketchup and make your Iftar time super exciting.