Ram and Priya finally meet on ‘BALH’


Ram and Priya finally meet on ‘BALH’-1It has happened at last. Priya Kapoor (Sakshi Tanwar) left Mumbai five years earlier, running away from her love Ram Kapoor, and is now back…

This has got to be one of the silliest and most convoluted plots ever, even for Ekta Kapoor. Even as Bade Acche Lagte Hain racks up the audience numbers and wobbles along the TRP graph, we cannot help wondering just what is going on. None of the characters seems to have any basic common sense – except for perhaps Vikram, played by Jai Kalra – and they all scuttle around in circles for goodness knows what reason. But as long as it gives us something to complain about, why should we…err….complain, right?

Priya Kapoor has come to Mumbai with her daughter Peehu, flown on courtesy Rajat (Sameer Kocchar) and his Daijaan, the whole clan looking to find Kady (Kadambari) and take her back to Dubai. Meanwhile, in the city that Priya left five years earlier, Ram in languishing for his lost lady love, obviously not thrilled at being married to her sister Ayesha, the supermodel with the widest hips in fashion, Natasha and her husband Mohit are living happily ever after in spite of tearful revelations about aborted babies, lies and assorted other twists, and Neha and Vikram are still squabbling and planning a divorce that they have not yet told their children about. All too complicated, wethinks. And in the middle of this messy morass, we find Priya and Ram gazing dreamily out at the rain and dabbling their fingers in the downpour. How romantic, no?

Well, if they only were really in the rain, facing the potholes, the delayed trains and the unending traffic jams like all us real people trying to rush home to watch the romance unfold – over so many episodes that we cannot remember who means what to whom – then they would cut to the chase, meet, fight, sort it all out and get on with their lives. Innit?