Ram Kapoor in hospital after meeting wife Priya Kapoor!


Ram Kapoor in hospital after meeting wife Priya Kapoor!The portly hero is …err…flat out on a hospital bed after he collapsed on meeting his long-lost and presumably dead wife and daughter Pihu. Will Ram Kapoor survive?

It all happened at last. Bade Acche Lagte Hain is making progress. Ram Kapoor and his estranged wife Priya Kapoor have finally met at the venue where they got married all those years ago. And with the requisite dose of drama, close-angled shots and escalating music, they had this wordless dialogue. It was all too much for the characters, and for us at home watching. Priya starts crying, Pihu looks solidly stoic and Ram has what could be described as a fugue – he clutches his head, his vision clouds and he collapses on the floor, with his wife screaming for someone to call an ambulance.

From then on, it was true Balaji histrionics. Priya bawls all the way to the hospital in the ambulance, never once letting go of her daughter’s hand. Ram lies stoutly silent, unconscious, one presumes, even with all the hullaballoo around him. And the child says and does nothing, but follows her mother without question.

And viewers have already started worrying, we hear. Will Ram survive this ‘attack’, as it is generically termed in such cases on the entertainment industry? Will there be a nicely soap-ish tragedy to spice up the show? Ram Kapoor (the actor) tweeted reassurance this morning with “Since soooo many of you are asking I might as well answer… NO I’m definitely not going to die in BALH and that’s a promise!!!”

So now the plot can move on, and so can we all!