Did Raima Sen really get married in a drunken stupor


Did Raima Sen really get married in a drunken stuporThe Bengali beauty declared on Twitter that she was going to get married to close friend Varun Thapar…only to call it a joke later on

People do weird things when they are delightfully high – case in point: Raima Sen. On Saturday night the Bollywood starlet declared on a microblogging site that she was tying the knot with close friend Varun Thapar. “I am getting married to Varun Thapar,” she tweeted. Apparently, the 32-year-old was sloshed when she posted that controversial tweet.

Raima also tweeted a few pictures with her so-called ‘hubby-to-be’ Varun. In the pictures we see the two lovebirds frolicking and having fun. Apparently Raima attended a party in Kolkata on Saturday night. She was in a good mood and wanted to have fun. In no time, she got tipsy and posted a tweet about her fake marriage. Her tweet, of course, created a sensation.

The next morning the Sen and Thapar families were totally shocked by the news. That’s when Miss Sen collected her mental faculties and tweeted to dismiss the entire episode as a joke. “Last nite was a joke and I’m not getting married.”

And just when we thought that Raima had gained her sanity, she surprised us with yet another confusing statement. ” But you know what…I would like to marry one day,”

Now after hearing this we think Raima is either confused in her tipsy head or else has a really bad sense of humour.