Purple Patch Latest Eid Shoes Collection 2012 for women


Purple Patch latest shoe designs 2012 are simply one of the most stunning collections nowadays. They are based on flat casuals as well as flat formal Chappals that are so stylish that no one can resist them.

The Purple Patch Latest Shoe designs 2012 have been made according to the latest standards of quality and are available throughout Pakistan.Uptil now purple patch does not have a retail outlet of its own but they sell their products by displaying on various multi label showrooms. These shoes are very durable and can be easily used in daily routine. The designs are beautiful and modern. You can see sparling stones as well as beads that enhance the real charm of these shoes.

The purple patch latest shoe collection 2012 can also be purchased online and complete information can be seen on their facebook official page. These shoes are not vary expensive and that is why it has become very faamous among ladies in a short amount of time.