Priyanka Chopra to sing for Zanjeer remake!


Priyanka Chopra to sing for Zanjeer remake!Priyanka Chopra with her versatility has already been a great actress, but now the actress is slowly and steadily getting into the singing industry as well. With her voice, the actress is getting herself into the world of music albums too.

After hearing that Priyanka is coming up with her music album and singing for an international album, it is also being said now that the actress is set to lend her voice for a song in Zanjeer remake. Priyanka is already going to Los Angeles because of her international albums.

Grapevines say that Priyanka will sing for Apporva Lakhia’s Zanjeer remake. A source said, “Apoorva, who has quite an ear for music, is completely charmed by Priyanka’s singing. But he is in no hurry to record with her. Since he starts shooting with her only in October, he can wait for her to finish her international album and then record his song with her.”

Well, the day is not far when we’ll see Priyanka jamming on stage with big bands. Isn’t it?