Priyanka Chopra Shahrukh Khan has always been kind


Priyanka Chopra Shahrukh Khan has always been kind-1Even as B-town and the gossip world have been bubbling with rumours of an alleged affair and its fallout, neither PC nor SRK have commented about it. Now Priyanka speaks…

A couple of years ago, on the infamous couch of a talk show, with Shahid Kapoor by her side, Priyanka Chopra blushed a pretty pink whenever Shahrukh Khan was mentioned. They had already done Don together and were all set to repeat the chemistry in Don 2. PC was reportedly involved, hot and heavy, with Shahid, though neither of them would talk about it, and SRK was, as he has always been, deeply loyal to his wife. But then when beautiful people are thrown together for long periods of time, loyalty can easily be forgotten and family ties snapped. The two super-stars went off to Berlin, for a long outdoor shoot, and on to other beautiful locations. And the unthinkable happened, or so the gossip press and the B-town rumour-mongers insisted: Priyanka and her co-star, Shahrukh, were having a steaming affair, headlines screamed. Gauri Khan, always the supportive and loving wife, was closing ranks, shutting PC out of the social circuit that she reigned over. Piggy Chops was becoming the outsider, the lady against whom the doors that mattered were being slammed shut.

Was this true? Did PC and SRK really become romantically – or at least hormonally – involved during the making of Don 2? We do not know. We will perhaps never know, unless one of them comes out and says so. And frankly, we would prefer to stay in a state of ignorant bliss until someone reliable tells us the truth. We see it as two powerful Bollywood stars sharing the kind of rapport only people who have worked together for hours on end will. And having seen the love that SRK has for his wife and family, we think we are right. That neither Shahrukh nor Priyanka has admitted in any way to anything sleazy between them and the fact that they have co-hosted an awards show with Gauri and PC’s parents present says a lot to us.

And now we read what PC has to say about the whole seamy scandal-mongering, in an interview to a reputed magazine. She never directly admits or contradicts any of the stories of an affair, but she shows the kind of respect and reverence a junior would to her senior, especially if the senior is one of the biggest names in the Indian film industry. She says that the reports linking her to Shahrukh Khan “make me angry and upset me a lot. Thankfully it hasn’t changed my equation with him so far. But there is a possibility of things changing between us. That would be sad and shameful. I would hold people responsible for it all my life.” So is there now any awkwardness between the two actors? Priyanka explains, “Not really, thankfully. He’s always been kind. I don’t think we’ve changed that much. I’m grateful for that.”

Case, for now, closed, wethinks!