Priyanka Chopra does what mom says!


Priyanka Chopra does what mom says!The Agneepath actor may be ruling diktats in tinseltown but when it comes to matters of the house she is still mommy’s li’l gal

A fancy set of wheels are never enough! Ask the pretty Priyanka Chopra, who despite being the proud owner of three cars (a Porsche Cayenne, a BMW and a Mercedes), wants to buy a bigger and better mean machine. Being one of the top leading ladies of Bollywood, we are sure she has enough bank balance to purchase any car of her dreams, but that isn’t the case in reality. Priyanka has to follow a bunch of dos and donts back home.

When the reigning queen told her parents that she wants to buy a new car, her mommy immediately put down a budget for it and warned her to stay within the limit. And it is something the Agneepath actor can’t take lightly. In fact, every time Priyanka feels like buying something, she first needs to take her parents’ approval and abide by their rules, if any. Isn’t that kinda cute? Well, we totally think so. By the way, even the hunky actor John Abraham is known to seek permission from his daddy for personal matters. Thank god that there’s at least one place the stars are treated like you and me and can’t throw their weight around – home! Do you think actors being so close knit with their family is cool? Tell us.