Priyanka Chopra has bigger twitter following than Shahrukh Khan?


Priyanka Chopra has bigger twitter following than Shahrukh Khan1Social networking sites are a common connect between a star and the common man. Both of them are hooked to it. Amitabh Bachchan is most active on Twitter posting regular updates of what he is doing every second. Closely following him is Priyanka Chopra whose banter on Twitter draws a lot of crowd. However, she has all the more reason to stay loyal to the networking site as she has crossed the 3 million mark for the number of followers on Twitter.

 Guess it is Barfi’s super success and her brilliant performance in it which saw an upsurge of followers. There are also the relentless efforts of her online fan clubs that helped Priyanka reach the magic mark. After claiming the mark, Priyanka thanked the 3 million people for their love and support. She called them the best!
Priyanka has become the second Bollywood star to reach that figure in terms of followers on Twitter. All this time she was trailing behind Bachchan who has more than 3 million followers and Shahrukh Khan who has more than 2.9 million followers. Now she has trumped Shahrukh to become the only Indian actress on Twitter to enjoy a 3 million followers list. She is however still trailing behind Bachchan who is continuing to be the favourite. Well, it seems all of Priyanka’s movies and music album bid have finally worked in her favour with people associating with her more on twitter. Congratulations Priyanka!