pretty Bridal Jewelry 2011


It is a human nature that every one wants to look great in marriage ceremony. Brides want to look perfect on this special occasion. They have to work hard for dress selection, their makeup and hairstyle and last but not least which type of jewelry they will wear. Well the basic act of accessorizing can make or break any outfit – a necklace that is too large can dominate a pretty or elegant dress, earrings in the wrong color can make the ensemble look disjointed and odd.

If unluckily any bride makes a wrong choice of jewelry on her wedding day, it can ruin a beautiful, carefully chosen gown. Whereas the right choice can complement and enhance the overall look and even bring out some of the detail in your dress that might otherwise not be seen.

A bride can keep few important things in mind, while selecting jewelry for her special day; like she should match her neckline with her bridal dress so that both can complement each other. A bride should choose a color that match her dress, hair, eye color and skin tone. She should not forget any beading, details or embroidery on her dress. Bride should keep in mind the overall look of that she wants to achieve.

Girls should also think about their personality while selecting bridal jewelry that what she normally like and suits her best. While

selecting bridal jewelry, bride to be should think about her shape and build and if a bride is a larger lady with a larger than average neck, a traditional choker would be the wrong choice. That l

ady can think about a delicate multi-strand illusion necklace instead. On the other hand a choker would be the perfect choice for someone

very tall who wants to enhance a long, slender, elegant neck.