Is Preity Zinta hiding her new boyfriend away?


Is Preity Zinta hiding her new boyfriend awayNot really, but that’s what the actor wants the media to believe!

Who said that stars get written about only for their link-ups and liaisons? Our very own Preity Zinta has been constantly written about for being single! We hear that poor Preity is so tired of giving interviews about how she is single, that she has now decided to go ahead and pretend to have a boyfriend. So every time she is asked about her relationship status, Ms Zinta says that she is dating someone secretly. “That’s safer than saying I’m single,” she explains.

How sad! But what to do, Preity? After your open and much-talked about relationship with businessman Ness Wadia ended, we have been expecting some new piece of gossip to reach our ears. Even if it is just about a rebound relationship! But since that hasn’t happened, it’s only too obvious that the public and the media alike would get interested in knowing if the 37-year-old babe is going to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

But Preity’s irritation at being asked this question is not surprising. We can totally imagine what the actor-turned-TV host must be going through these days. Not only did the girl have to go through a breakup, but also had to take a long break from the movies. The only time we’ve seen her during the last couple of years is on her talk show on TV, when she was chatting away with her industry friends. Or in the stadium cheering for her Punjab team during the Indian Premier League (or IPL) matches.

The good news is that Preity is finally back to acting, and she also does not intend to stay single all her life. She says she wants to get married and have kids for sure. But for now, it looks like a knight in shining armour and a hit film, both are hard to come by for the lady!