Pizza Napoletana Special Recipe


Pizza Napoletana Special RecipeFavorite food for all pizza, was born in Naples. The classic form is none other than the PITSA Napolitano recipe.

Pizza-Napoletana Aside from the dough, which made only with flour, salt, yeast and water, will make the classic tomato sauce, garlic basil and finish.

Ingredients :
For the dough
250 g flour for all uses

1 pinch salt

15 gr. dry yeast dissolved in lukewarm water

For the sauce
2 tablespoon olive oil

1 clove

250 gr. tomato Pasha (pass)

80 – 100 gr.motsarela sliced

fresh basil
After involve materials of the dough, you may need to add water until the dough to be pliable, knead well for 10 minutes and leave in a pan until doubled in volume. Meanwhile, in a skillet warm the olive oil, add chopped garlic, the tomato, a little salt, basil and mix.

When the dough is ready, the xanaplathoume and then open alefromeni surface of the dough pizza, (28 cm diameter). In Naples the pizza Creator, but do not use their hands. Make sure the crown is to anasikomeno upwards to swell and hold the sauce inside, and then with a circular motion with a spoon, spread the sauce, place the cheese and sprinkle with remaining oil.
Bake in oven pre-warmed up slightly oiled pan (if you have not Ceramics plate for pizza). Be careful not overheat it will harden. Cut with a wheel, for special pizza.