Pinkstich Independence Day Dress Collection 2012


Show your patriotism by wearing Pakistani Flag shirt this 14th August. Buy a shirt now and contribute in helping the needy people. The “Independence Day 2012″ is just 6 days far.

There are lot of patriots and fashion lovers who love to wear stunning dresses on this exciting day. So, if you are looking for the best dress for your “Independence Day 2012″—then you are on right place.

Pinkstich, which is a great new fashion design label where we create concepts for womens fashion needs, for everyday clothing, business women, bridal and many more, recently launched stunning green dresses for the 14th August fashion.

Independence Day 14 August 2012 Collection by Pinkstich is specially designed for those young girls and women who like to show their patriotism through their dress and fashion.