Pet Insurance


Over the last decade there has been a marked increase in the number of pet health plans taken out in the UK with more and more pet owners becoming aware of the increasing cost of vet vaccinations treatment. While health care for pets has seen some great advances of late, the cost of these new pet treatments seem to be moving higher and higher. As competition in the pet ins market continues to grow we are seeing pet insurance premiums coming under pressure, much to the delight of the UK pet owning population.

Cheap pet insurance is now within the grasp of the masses with more and more people using the internet to compare pet insurance offers on the market. It is now possible to obtain your very own pet insurance online quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your own front room. Pet insurance comparisons have never been simpler and you can have your pet cover active within a few minutes of obtaining your pet insurance quote.

Popular pet insurance policies

As you might guess, cat insurance and dog insurance are the two major areas of interest in the UK although while pet dog ins is the more popular of the two, pet cat ins is also very relevant with the cat population far large than that of dogs in the UK. Exotic pet insurance is also another area of growth in the UK with more and more non-traditional pets coming into the country.

Pet Insurance Cover

So what can you expect from your pet insurance policy? What exactly are you covered for?

As you might guess the list of pet cover would include a mixture of any of the following, pet vet fees, lost pet / theft assistance, quarantine costs, pet accident cover, and pet passport charges in the event of a replacement being required. The pet insurance market has developed enormously over the last few years and we are seeing more and more attractive offers in the market place