Perfect Jalebi


Ingredients:Plain flour – 250gCooking soda – 2 pinchesOrange food colour – as requiredOil or Ghee – to fry

Method:Mix 125g flour and cooking soda and make into a smooth and spongy batter using water as required.  Leave it overnight for fermentation.  Whisk the batter in the morning with remaining 125g flour add more water if required. Add food colour as you like, and mix without any lumps. Make the consistency in such a way that when you take this batter and pour it from the top it should fall as a single thread. Heat up oil or ghee in a flat bottomed fry pan. Take a thick cloth and make a small hole. Stitch the corner of the hole. Pour the batter into this cloth and fold the corners closely and press slowly into the hot oil to form coils side by side. Cook till they are light golden colour. Remove and drain the oil. Keep this in the warm sugar syrup and soak for five minutes. Remove each jalebi slowly and serve in a plate

.For sugar syrup:Sugar – 3 cupsWater – 2 cupCardamom powder – 1/2 tspMake one string sugar syrup by adding little water to the sugar. Add saffron and cardamom powder to the syrup. Remember syrup should be warm when you put fried jalebi in it, not too hot, otherwise the jalebi will be damaged. Make sure that the syrup’s consistency is only 1 string when it cools down, not when it’s hot, because otherwise, the jalebi will become rock hard.