How To Make Perfect Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe at Home


How To Make Perfect Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe at Home

How To Make Perfect Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe at Home Gulab Jamun with bread: learn how to make instant gulab jamuns with bread slices. This easy, step by step recipe will walk you through the easiest method to make gulab jamun at home, although it may not be a traditional method. Read on!

Instant gulab jamuns

Gulab jamuns. The quintessential dessert that’s present at pretty much every party, wedding, festival, and Indian buffet is a rich Indian sweet that’s made with reduced milk solids (mawa) made into balls, fried, and then dunked in rose-flavoured thick sugar syrup. Because of the very reason that it’s so popular, there are also many different methods to prepare gulab jamuns, including blasphemous shortcuts like using bread to make the jamun balls before soaking them in sugar syrup.

My mom usually made instant jamuns with a mix of flour and milk powder but I haven’t tried that yet. I have, however, tried the traditional way of making gulab jamuns with khoya and they turned out fabulous. These bread gulab jamuns were surprisingly similar to taste to the traditional kind and I wouldn’t think most people would know the difference if they tried it without you telling them the jamuns were made with bread.

For those of you who prefer making sweets the traditional way, this recipe is not for you. Those who like some shortcuts or interesting new methods of preparing our popular recipes, jump on board!

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Verdict: do gulab jamuns made with bread taste like, well, bread? Not really. The consistency is a bit more spongy and not grainy as the khoya jamuns but you can’t really taste the bread, especially if you flavour the sugar syrup with rose water or cardamom powder. This definitely worth a shot and it’s so easy, so why not?