Paul Unidentified Funny Object


If you find yourself relaxing on a weekend, with no pressure and no obligations, then grab a friend and go see the new movie “Paul”.

It is currently showing in Cinemas in Dubai, and it is guaranteed to brighten up your day and give you a lot of reasons to laugh.

It is a very funny movie with an astonishingly funny cast that stars Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul the Alien, Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig. They have combined a dangerously group of funny actors that have perfected the movie, so make sure you lay off the popcorn and coke during particularly funny scenes.

The movie starts off with two British comic-book geeks that were set out to explore particular areas with high UFO spotting. On their way they run into (literally) Paul, an alien that escaped from area 51.

They quickly develop a friendship with the lovable green creature and reach out to help him. Paul represents a completely adorable stereotype of an alien being. He has been living peacefully in a government facility for about 60 years since he crashed on Earth, but he couldn’t stay undetected forever and now he is trying to find safety.

Once Paul partners with Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost), the fun and action begin as they assist him throughout the movie to funnily enough, evade the law, but things take a turn when they accidently pick up Ruth in a comic Kidnapping along with her psychotic Dad (Koechner).

One of the few bad points commonly mentioned about this movie is that although it did deliver laughs throughout the entire movie, the ‘Off-Putting’ elements was that the story played out in a very cliché-like manner and everything was as a viewer would predict it to be, but after all, it is ac comedy sci-fi fairy tale more than anything else, and at the end the movie does deliver a set of warm emotions and happiness.