Patiala House casts real cricketers


As if preparing for the coming Cricket World Cup wasn’t enough, some of the greatest players are also preparing for their roles in a new Bollywood movie.

Ex England captains Nasser Hussain and Graham Gooch; former Pakistan pace man, Wasim Akram; South Africa batsman Herschelle Gibbs; and Australian all-rounder, Andrew Symonds are all scheduled to appear in the “Patiala House”.

Director of the upcoming film, Nikhil Advani, said that authenticity was essential with cricket providing the backdrop for the immigrant family drama.

Akshay Kumar stars in Patiala House, and strikes family tension between family members. The movie is set in West London suburbs of Southhall.

“My character Gattu wants to be a cricketer but his family is opposed to it. So, I am trapped between my ambition and my father. He wants me to work in his shop whereas I want to play cricket for England,” Kumar said.

The film is about the life of a cricketer, which explains the need to cast real cricketers in the movie for originality and authenticity.

In the movie, it was revealed that Wasim Akram might possibly play the role of Gattu’s coach, but Advani is treading carefully about not making cricket the central theme of the film but rather more focused on difficult immigrant lives.

Patiala House is meant to reflect family values and the lives of immigrants and the difficulties they face.

“Many South Asian youngsters sacrifice careers for their family’s sake and they never get a second chance to do what they actually wanted to do in real life,” Advani said.