Patene Bridal Couture Week 2012-13 Lahore Saira Rizwan


Karachi: Saira Rizwan, known for her ability to produce stunning designs which are a perfect amalgamation of traditional and contemporary designs, participated in the Bridal Couture Week 2012 organized by Style 360. The fashion show was held in Lahore on the 14th October. This was the second time that Saira Rizwan participated in BCW. The first time around was last year when she showcased her stunning Jahan collection, which was inspired by the Mughal period. The Jahan collection was a carousal of the past and an amalgamation of yesterday’s traditions with today’s contemporary values.
“This time the feeling was exhilarating I was not anticipating the turnout and the overwhelming acceptance from the people. This time the appreciations were even greater than what I had expected it would be”, said Saira Rizwan
Saira Rizwan’s collection for this Bridal Couture Week 2012 was completely different from her previous collection, Jahan. The last year’s collection was a carousal of Mughal decadence and Indian opulence of years gone by; this time collection is inspired from Persia. “I am an eastern girl to the core,” said Saira Rizwan, when describing the inspirations behind her stunning collections. “I enjoyed working with thoughts and feelings which rise from the East.”
This collection also reveals that Saira Rizwan is drawing all her inspiration from the Eastern peninsula. The formal and the bridal wear was inspired Persian influence and the prêt collection is inspired by Morocco.
She wanted to create a collection based on the rich traditions of Persia when she was reading about Persian literature and art and with this collection she has brought it life.

“I made it a point on that the flow and fall of the fabric should be perfect and contemporary. The main focus of this collection was on the Queen of Persia, that is why it has a royal feel to it,” said Saira Rizwan.

The color palette for this collection is rich and unique, and based on tones of emerald, sapphire and gold. Even the fabric for this collection has been customized and created in-house.
The Bridal Couture Week is one of the largest bridal events of the year, and is regularly arranged by Style 360 and HUM TV. Other star designers who participated in this exhibition are Ayesha-Somaya, Hajra Hayat and Maria B.

About Saira Rizwan:
She launched her label 2007 from her home, and began by producing a range of only prêt and chic casuals. Gradually, she moved on to semi formals and formals and has recently participated in numerous fashion shows both abroad and in Pakistan.