PARLOUR LIKE GOLD – FACIAL for Fair, Glowing , Radiant, Crystal Clear Skin


FACIAL for Fair, Glowing, Radiant, Crystal Clear Skin

We Indian always have parties, festivals or some other occasion, so we need a glowing face to attend them. After a hot and sweaty summer, the monsoon comes as a relief but the sun takes the inner glow of our skin. So with season, we need to bring small changes in our skin care routine to keep the skin glowing & fresh. Fungal and bacterial infections are common during rainy season.

Moist and damp skin leads to these infections. Also, you can get rashes and so many other skin problems. So, I like to take a home facial at the time of season change. This keeps my skin moisturizing, soft and infection free. Today I’d like to share with you a home facial recipe. This is easy to make with your stored kitchen ingredients. I have an oily skin but this facial is for all skin type. It makes your skin soft, supple and gives a crystal glow to your sun damaged skin. It makes you ready for any occasion.