Pantene Bridal Couture Week by La Chantal Collection


Chantal  Collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2011

In twenty first century’s fashion world, La Chantal is a new upstart designer company which comes with a short but ground breaking history. This is a UK based company and has been spreading its roots since last few years. The mastermind behind the success of La Chantal is Saba who leads of the company. La Chantal has produced marvelous results and successfully earned its name in the market as it held the fashion shows “rhythm of Asia 2010″ and “montage” in November 2010. La Chantal always comes with the overwhelming and magnificent designs that leave a reminiscences impression on the audience.

Saba just knows the right treatment as she comes with an experience of blending the eastern designs into new contemporary designs.

La Chantal has been working all this time not to just become best amongst the best but to struggle its way to bring new multifarious designs to the market. The company knows very well the craft of interchanging traditional designs into new modern styles. La Chantal has been working diligently to cover international markets and is planning to open its outlet in Pakistan, Dubai and United Kingdom in near future.