Palak Paneer Recipe


Palak Paneer Recipe

palak paneer recipe | restaurant style palak paneer recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. palak paneer is the most popular dary green curry served with rotis and rice.palak paneer recipe | palak paneer restaurant style recipe with video and step by step photo recipe. basically, palak paneer is a vegetarian gravy dish prepared with spinach puree with paneer cubes. this exotic indian curry is originated from punjabi cuisine, but very well popular all over the world. palak paneer is one the most popular indian cuisine. i love the rich cream texture of palak paneer and goes well with rice, chapathi and poori.

probably, i started to love palak paneer recipe during my college days. since i come from a south indian family, north indian curries or gravy’s are rarely prepared in house. consequently, my desire to north indian curries and dishes was increasing day by day. once i started with the colleges, my lunch was always in north indian restaurants and palak paneer was always on the menu. in addition, i use to also order, palak paneer biryani which was stir fried with other vegetables too.furthermore, i always prepare paneer at home for all the paneer dishes.

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since, the store brought paneer contains preservatives and chemicals for softening and longer shelf life. moreover, homemade paneer delivers amazing palak paneer recipe with soft and tender paneer. also, to get dark green colour of palak paneer you need to be careful while blanching palak leaves. just follow my recipe to get bright green colour in your palak paneer. certainly, you can easily compare this recipe to restaurant style palak paneer.