Pakistani Mayoon 2011 Dresses


Mayoon Or Mayun : Mayoon or Mayun  is held in the House of the bride. Normally, the friends and family of the bride so together at home and they dance and sing, accompanied by drum music. General bracelets of families and sometimes clothes to friends, give the bride depending on what the family can afford.

In the night it also usually contains henna where the women decorate their hands with henna. The Mayoon can take until late at night.

The bride is usually a simple yellow Shalwar Qameez. The habit of the type referred to traditional Mayun in the State of isolation of eight to fifteen days before the wedding bride.

It will be during this time of tasks and messages will be deleted. Because the majority of women in the modern era work, Mayun reduced to the bride in a celebration of the night of song, dance etc. The bride and groom cannot with others who, after the start of the Mayun.