pakistan historical places


Historical  places in Pakistan:Pakistan is granted with beautiful places like Islamabad,Lahore .
In Lahore the Badshahi Mosque, shahi tomb,minar-e-Pakistan,Ravi river and so on.Lahore is famous for its gardens.
In Islamabad Faisal mosque is very good looking place nearly one lac people can offer their prayer in that mosque .
Badshahi mosque is a real picture of architect and it shows the culture of Pakistan. The Allama Iqbal’s tomb is also in bashahi mosque. It is very interesting and knowledge able place you can get a valuable information about Pakistanis culture and heritage. Shahi tomb is also a presentation of our culture it gives you the inspiration to know about the history of this place. There is also a very historical place ’Sheesh Mehal’it is the spirit nature and beauty. If you visit this place you would be become speechless before its beauty.