Pakistan: Football on reel


Outfield Productions has produced their latest film that takes you deep into the heart of football in Pakistan’s poor suburbs, not only as a sport but as a passion against discrimination

A good documentary can be like a good wake up call, something not only informative and educational but also inspirational that can alter your way of thinking and perception.

With a high-definition camera and a crew, Outfield Productions is back on the football field, and they want to capture real people playing the real sport in real circumstances.

Barefoot is Outfield Productions’ latest project and it entails over a 150 minutes of first hand capture of football, revealing passion for the sport amongst the underprivileged parts of the society in Pakistan. It also goes on to show how people playing the sport, including the women, keep strong despite the circumstances and standards of living.

This is one of the rare occasions when any film or documentary actually highlights the minority groups facing all sorts of difficulties and discrimination.

There are many different characters and people who tell their story; one being a woman from Karachi who talks about how she was participating in hurdle races, and then finally won and set a world record, however she received no acknowledgement and was not accredited.

“Barefoot may be a football documentary but through it we have used sport to initiate an inter-faith dialogue to bring harmony among the masses,” said director Khalid Hasan Khan.

The duration of the documentary is perfect, as it is quite long and hence allows the film to reveal all aspects of the sport and the country, from the lack of recognition to the diversity and discrimination. It further shows how a country, where everybody plays the sport of football has not been able to be internationally recognized for that sport, despite their passion and talent.