Net Lehenga Choli Designs Outlandish Collection


[AdHere] A choli (ravika in Telugu) is a midriff-baring blouse worn in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other countries where the sari is worn. The choli is cut to fit tightly to the body and has short sleeves and a low neck. The choli is usually cropped, allowing exposure of the navel; the cropped design is particularly well-suited for wear in the sultry South Asian summers.
Weddings are the right occasion to explain fashion in the best manner. It is also the best event to show creativity in terms of wedding lehenga choli. Being one of the oldest forms of dressing, they are considered just the right apparel to intensify the beauty of a lady.
Another style of net lehenga choli prevalent in the market is fitted from waist to ankle and flairs on the border. They look so trendy and stylish that everyone tends to appreciate it. The design of the net lehenga choli is not just enough to create a sense of style. It is the embroidery or ornamental work done by the designers that intensifies the look of lehengas.