Nawal Al Zoghbi A true female hero


Nawal El Zoghbi is a 38 year old Lebanese star in the Arab world. She is a pop singer with a career spanning across two decades and a powerful passion for her work.

She believes truly that whether you have an incredible voice or a mediocre one, you can never succeed or be loved if it lacks passion, true meaning and genuine emotions.

Nawal is a Canadian citizen and even has a big fan base in Europe. Al Zoghbi began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician, as she was the eldest of all her siblings.

She started her career by a patriotic song “Ya Watani ma nsina” dedicated to the Lebanese army.

She also has received numerous and countless awards for her brilliant tracks and performances, including best song of the year, artist of the year, Best Arab Singer in Egypt in 2005, Best Lebanese singer in 2004, Best Female Singer and many others.

After more than a year in delays and trouble in production and release of her latest album of 2011, Ma’arfish Leeh, that’s “I do not know why”. This is the album that includes at least three great songs even before the release.

Nawal al Zoghbi is the muse that inspired the first wave of music videos in the Arab World. More than that, she is a progressive activist on behalf of women in the region.

Nawal”s music is often experimental with a zeal toward a contemporary style; frequently melding music from different parts of the world, North African Rai, Khaligi, salsa, samba, and fusions of Eastern and Oriental tunes.

Furthermore, she is said to possess the most photogenic face in the industry, and was ranked #5 on the list of Sexiest and Most Desirable Arab Women for 2009. She was also the first female Arab artist to be featured in a Pepsi commercial.