MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL: Prachi Desai and Neha Dhupia credit their mums for their success


MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL Prachi Desai and Neha Dhupia credit their mums for their successThe two actors feel their mothers have remained their strongest pillar of support and helped them grow professionally

Prachi Desai and Neha Dhupia recently revealed that their moms Amita Desai and Manpinder Dhupia respectively are the reason they have managed to achieve so much. “I am very lucky to have a supportive and encouraging mother. She has always been there with me through the thick and thin. It is because of her that I have grown in my career,” said Prachi, who started her acting journey with popular television serial Kasamh Se and then graduated to the big screen with hit film Rock On!!. Neha, who comes from an army background, too expressed gratitude to her mother. “My mother has encouraged me to give my best shot in whatever I do. She has been the strongest pillar of my life. Her extreme reactions are seen only when I am unwell otherwise she is very supportive,” Neha told IANS.

Both the actors plan to take the day off from work and spend Mother’s Day (today) with their moms.”I am going to spend the entire day with my mom the way she wants to and ask my sister to come over and give her a surprise,” Prachi said. “I am here (in Delhi) to spend the weekend with her. We are planning to go shopping, watch movies and gossip together,” said Neha. Her mother, says she loved Neha’s gangster avatar in Phas Gaye Re Obama. “Neha has improved a lot in her performances over time and every role that she played has taught her something or the other. Out of all her work, I loved her the most when she played a gangster in Phas Gaye….,” said Manpinder.