Mikimoto The Pearl King Jewellery 2012


Mikimoto, a well-known jeweler in Japan, is famous for ways to cultivate cultured pearls. And it has won the reputation of “the pearl king”. The pieces of jewelry it presents are always made by cultured pearls. So, the following necklaces will show you its charming and stylish feature.

The necklace Earring Rings is named south sea white cultured pearl necklace with diamonds or Shangri-la. So, you can know what it consist of from its name. It is made by pink cultured pearls in semi-circle of the pearls chain and the other part is knitted with bead flower that is bunched with small pearls cluster in flower design. The long necklace Earring Rings can be worn with your wide scalloped collar suit.

The sparkling necklace Earring Rings is made by golden cultured pearl and diamonds. It is in a stylish design that incised tiny diamonds are bunched together forming rhombus. And these rhombuses are designed as hollow style to add delicate golden pearls.