Michelle turns 32 Happy Birthday Michelle Kwan


Michelle turns 32, Happy Birthday Michelle KwanMichelle Kwan the most popular figure skaters of all time, Michelle Kwan is one of America’s most famous woman athletes She is a two-time Olympic medalist and a five-time World champion! We hope she has a great birthday. Michelle Kwan July 7, 1980

Happy birthday, Michelle Kwan! As a Cancer, your inner world is your most precious resource — and one you’ve learned to express with breathtaking grace on the ice.

your Taurus Moon is a excellent match for the physical strength required to rise as a champion in figure skating.

This coming year, you’ll begin to feel the winds of change very strongly. In fact, the next time you go up for a triple axel, you may land with an epiphany of where your life off the ice is heading.