MFC and FMES stands in support of Aamir Khan and Satyamev Jayate!


MFC and FMES stands in support of Aamir Khan and Satyamev JayateAamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate has more been into controversies than creative development. The recent argument by IMA on seeking apology from Aamir Khan for defaming their profession is on fire again.

To back the actor in full support, MFC (Medico friend Circle) and FMES (Forum for Medical Ethics Society) have come forward. Expressing his mind on the same, Dr. Abhay Shukhla who is member of FMES said, “We need to listen to the central message of the show and take steps to address the issues.” To settle the issue, both MFC and FMES have sent letter to IMA urging to take a soft stand and not pressurizing too much for apology.

They are in fact thankful to Aamir Khan that he has brought the burning issue forward and made people introspect about it. MFC and FMES are calling Aamir a messenger and have urged IMA not to silence the messenger who has proved to be a wake-up-call for medical department. They urge for the improvement and bring real development in health facilities to earn the goodwill back.

The drafted letter by both bodies had the following text mentioned, “Instead, the IMA should try to reverse the current widespread unregulated commercialization of healthcare in the country, and contribute to the process of health system reforms for eliminating the distortions in medical practice. This would prove to be beneficial to patients and would also raise the dignity of the medical profession.”

Everything is fair in love and war and this war or argument between medical bodies is expected to bring something fruitful for the future.