Mehndi dresses for Mehndi function 2011-12


The Fashion of Mehndi dressing is becoming popular now. In the old time girls wear Yellow dress on their Mehndi function, some times its a plain yellow suit or some have yellow embroidered dresses.Mehndi is a chilled event of wedding ceremony. Apart from other things like mehndi designs, choice of  dresses for mehndi is critical step. we have collected some chilled  Pakistani dresses for mehndi to support your vision. Mehndi dresses in Pakistan or India has much similarity due to plenty of common culture and traditions. Latest Mehndi dresses 2011 are become a fashion icon and every girl want to have a special mehndi dress on her mehndi function. Mehndi dresses 2011 have a new popular trend on net, it was a fashion introduced before many years but on internet it become popular from some years