Mausam in the soup again


‘Mausam’ in the soup againLooks like Pankaj Kapur’s first movie as a director is pretty much jinxed. The number of controversies revolving around the film is probably greater than the film’s BO numbers! Recently, the makers of the film were quite shocked when they discovered that there were ads published in a trade magazine recommending people to watch the movie even before the release. Ken Ghosh, Parmeet Sethi and Nikhil Advani were the three names that were published without their respective consents. Parmeet Sethi, director of Badmaash Company said that he would rather give a quote to a popular newspaper than some small time trade magazine. The only person aware of the publicity gimmick was the film’s co-producer Madhu Mantena. He justified the misunderstanding by saying that such things are a norm in the industry and the names that were included are Shahid’s friends and those quotes were statements made by them to congratulate the actor on his excellent performance. We don’t know who to believe here, maybe Shahid’s friends have retracted their statements after watching the film or maybe the makers of Mausam just love to blow their own trumpets