Matching Your Jewelry to Your Outfit


Bridal Jewelry 2014

Fashion Jewelry  is a form of personal adornment and includes brooches, bracelets, neckpieces, rings, wristwatches and earrings. They beautify and add zest to an outfit. Sometimes, all an outfit needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary is some costume jewelry.


At the same time, the wrong jewelry can break your look and land even the most elegant piece of clothing in worst dress lists. Therefore, picking the right jewelry has become a huge issue. When choosing Different Gold and Diamond jewelry to go with your outfit, consider the color, scale and style of the pieces, and always keep the occasion in mind.

Costume Jewelry For Girls

If you are wearing a neutral color like black or white, then your jewelry can look good in any color. However, if your dress is colorful, avoid choosing jewelry in clashing colors.


Diamond Costume Jewelry For Girls

It all comes down to the color wheel. Primary colors are, of course, red, blue and yellow. Secondary colors are colors made when the primary colors are mixed (like orange which is made by mixing yellow and red).

Primary and secondary colors that are beside each other on the color wheel complement each other and can be used together on the same level of darkness or lightness. If you want to make a huge fashion statement, go for colors on the opposite side of the wheel. This move is bolder and more adventurous as some shades won’t look as good as others. Also, remember not to use more than three colors in your whole attire.


Bridal costume jewelry 2014

The scale of your jewelry is important too. If you are wearing a patterned outfit, go with simple jewelry. If your jewelry is too busy, it will compete with your outfit and make the prints look tacky. The same goes for embroidered, sequined, ruffled or embellished garments. Wear simple jewelry to keep the focus on your outfit.

On the other hand, if your outfit is simple, you have a free hand to do almost whatever you want with your jewelry. Depending on the occasion and your mood, you could go for simple jewelry or choose statement jewelry. However, be sure that the jewelry you choose doesn’t clash with other fashion accessories like shoes, bags, belts and turbans.


Gold Costume Jewelry

Jewelry can define your style. A simple black dress or a white shirt and jeans can look completely different, depending on the jewelry you wear. Here is some common jewelry to consider according to your personal style:

    • Classic jewelry for girls: diamond or pearl-studded earrings, strands of pearl necklace and charm bracelets
    • Glamorous jewelry for girls: bib necklace, chandelier earrings and large cocktail ring
    • Playful jewelry for girls: statement necklace and chunky bracelet
    • Edgy jewelry for girls: choker necklace and thick cuff bracelet
    • Workday jewelry for girls: classic watch and delicate necklace
    • Casual jewelry for girls: candy-colored watch or bracelet, small rings, bangle bracelet and pendant
    • Choose your Diamond Costume jewelry wisely as it can easily take an outfit from fab to drab. It can also help extend your wardrobe as you will be able to create different looks from the same dress by changing your jewelry. To always look your best, pay as much attention to your jewelry as you give to your dress.