Marrow and the Man – Salman Khan


Salman gets a fresh title-Marrow and the man. Salman has decided to take forward the genuine cause of Marrow Donar Registry [India] along with his ‘Being Human. Salman is known to have helped people suffering from various diseases through Being Human. All that he earns from his artistic [Painting] talent is donated to the weak and fragile. “I request all those who wish to donate some blood to the noble cause of bringing life to those who need Bone marrow transplantation. Let’s begin it today, infact just now.  You need to spend only fifteen minutes to donate your blood and get yourself checked at the cost of just Rs 8ooo/- the expenses of the check up will be borne by MDIR. We all need to take some time from our daily routine and go ahead to save the ones who need BM Transplantation.