Did Malaika Arora Khan annoy Salman Khan


Did Malaika Arora Khan annoy Salman KhanMalaika surprised everyone when she danced to Shahrukh Khan’s songs at the Bigg Boss 5 finale, including Salman

The Bigg Boss 5 grand finale was expected to be a Khandaani affair with Salman Khan as the host and his sister-in-law Malaika Arora Khan as a performer. What many didn’t expect was the silent appearance of a third Khan – Shahrukh Khan. At the finale, Malaika and Salman danced to their hit song Munni badnaam hui which everybody knew was going to happen. They did it very well too! However, Malaika also danced to two other songs – Kaal dhamaal from Kaal and Chammak challo from RA.One. Both these songs star Shahrukh and are from his home productions. We don’t have to reiterate the Shahrukh-Salman rivalry; all of you are aware of it. So it came as quite a surprise to see Malaika dance to Shahrukh’s songs that too at the finale of Salman’s TV show. Kaal dhamaal we can still understand – it is as much Malaika’s song as it is Shahrukh’s but Chammak challo? Malaika had nothing do with the original so that was a choice that left us mystified. Wethink this can mean either of these two things – either Salman has learned to tolerate SRK or Malaika is not on the same page as brother-in-law Salman. Both stars have said that the first is not likely to happen any time soon and Sallu we know has never taken the first step when it comes to patching up – whether it is with John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan or even Vivek Oberoi. The first possibility therefore seems really remote. We can only think then that the brother- and sister-in-law are having some trouble getting along. What do you think?