Best Makeup Tips For Fat Face


Quick Fix Best Makeup Tips For Fat FaceMany people complain of having a fat face. In some cases, the affected people might have an exceptionally fat face even though their bodies might be lean. A fat face can ruin the overall appearance of a person. This is why it is important to make your face appear slimmer than it actually is. This can be done effectively with the help of makeup. In such cases, makeup is used to highlight the cheekbones in order to make the cheeks look toned.

The eyes are highlighted with dark eye shadow and mascara. You must avoid braiding or curling your hair if you have a fat face. Such hair styles add to the volume of your face and make it look even fatter. Such people should opt for a sleek look instead. Straight hair helps to make the face appear toned and slim. Tying your hair in a ponytail is also a good option if your hair has been straightened. Given below are some quick fix makeup tipsthat can be used by someone who has a fat face.

Makeup Tips For Fat Face

Intense Eye Makeup

One of the keys to taking the attention off the fatness of your face is to highlight your eyes. This can be done with the help of some black eyeliner, mascara and dark shades of eye shadow. Start by lining your eyes with black eyeliner. Extend the lines outwards to some extent. This helps to make your eyes appear longer and bigger.

It also takes the attention away from the fatness of the face. After the eyes have been lined with eyeliner, you could apply a shimmer shade of eye shadow to your brow bone. This can be followed by a darker shadow shade along the inner half of the crease. The darkest shade can be applied to the outer corner of the eye. The shadow shades must be blended well and extended a bit outside the corner of your eyes. Finish this off with a few coats of mascara.

Darken Your Eyebrows

In order to draw more attention to your eyes, you can darken your eyebrows. This can be done with a black shade of eye shadow or with an eyebrow pencil. Shape your eyebrows well before darkening them. This adds to the beauty of your eyes and takes the attention away from other imperfections.

Blusher Basics

A good blusher is very effective in making your face appear toned and well-defined. A pink or peach blusher can be used here. Attempt to highlight the cheekbones in such a way that the cheeks do not look fat. This can be done with the help of firm, brisk strokes.

Lip Tricks

If your lips are not voluminous, you could add volume to them with the help of a lip liner. However, it is advisable to line only the lower lip in such cases as this prevents the lips from looking too full. Make use of a good plumping lip gloss or glossy lipstick in order to complete the look. All of these makeup tips help to draw attention to your facial features instead of the fatness of your face.