An Easy recipe to make KFC Style Chicken Broast at home


How to make KFC Style Chicken Broast with Easy Simple Recipe

Today’s article is about the delicious chicken recipe; it’s a KFC Style Chicken Broast. So, read the article to make it by yourself, it’s a simple and easy recipe that brings water in your mouth.

Amazing Recipe for KFC Style Chicken Broast

  1. First of all, marinate the chicken with one tsp of salt, red chili powder and vinegar and leave it for three hours.
  2. Then, take a clean bowl, add corn flour, rice flour, baking powder, mustard powder, chicken powder, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper powder and white pepper powder, mix all the things well and set aside.
  3. After that, take the marinated chicken, coat the chicken in flour mixture, dip in egg mixture and again coat in flour mixture, place in oil for frying. Fry on low-medium heat and do not turns around too much the coating may break.
  4. Now, check occasionally so that coating may not turn deep golden, make it nice light gold in the final
  5. For Making Garlic Sauce, add yogurt, garlic powder, salt and water, whisk them all and serve with broast.

Enjoy KFC Style Chicken Broast with garlic Sauce.