How to Make Fruit Custard


How to Make Fruit Custard

How to Make Fruit Custard Fruit custard has an unfair reputation of being a rather boring dessert. Not true. Fruit custard is a simple, tasty, and relatively healthy dessert option that harkens back to an earlier time. If you have great-tasting fruit, your custard can’t go wrong. Experiment with different exotic fruits, as well as different combinations, to learn a wonderful new technique and start turning eyes.

Fruit custard recipe with step by step photos. Easy fruit custard recipe or fruit salad with custard recipe as we have known it since we were kids. This easy fruit custard recipe is a childhood favorite and we used to go crazy over this. I make this fruit custard recipe very often especially in summer. I make this whatever fruit I have handy. Fruit custard tastes delicious when made with many fruits. The addition of creamy custard sauce to fresh and crunchy fruits is a yum combination. You can try this fruit custard recipe when you have lots of fruit and what to finish off before they become over ripe. Toddlers and kids will love this fruit salad with custard. This is an excellent way to feed both milk and fruits to them.

I usually use vanilla flavored custard powder for making this fruit custard recipe. Vanilla is neutral flavor and it compliments all the fruits. However you can even use mango custard powder or any other flavored powder in this fruit salad with custard recipe. Whenever I make this, I make a big batch and it gets over in no time. I prefer to make and serve this fruit custard on the same day. Sometimes the flavor of the custard changes if refrigerated for more than one day. I usually prepare the custard sauce and chill for 2-3 hours. At the time of serving I add the cut fruits and serve immediately. This fruit custard recipe has been a hit every time I serve it. It is a fitting dessert for any party. You can make a big batch very easily. It is tasty and looks very grand too. Far better than any store bought dessert. Only time consuming part is chopping fruits. Indian fruit custard recipe is a very popular dessert with fresh fruits here.

Make Fruit Custard