How to make fresh mint lime soda at home with simple recipe


Easy to make fresh mint lime soda with simple recipe

Today, I am going to share an amazing and easy to make recipe of fresh mint lime soda at home. This drink is very refreshing and helps you to get freshness even in a hot sunny day. You can easily make this drink at home by simply following the recipe of how to make fresh mint lime soda at home.

Ingredients to make fresh mint lime soda

  • Lemon slices, two to three
  • Mint leaves, six to seven
  • Salt, one pinch
  • Sugar syrup, two tbsp
  • Ice cubes, as require
  • Juice jar, one
  • Soda bottle, according to taste
  • Pestle, for crushing


    To make yummy fresh mint lime soda at home, you have to follow the simple procedure.

    1. In the first step, take a Juice jar or mug and add lemon slices in it.
    2. After that, take some fresh mint leaves and add them to the jug.
    3. Now, take a pestle and slightly crush lemon slices and mint leaves.
    4. Then, take salt and add one pinch of salt into the jug.
    5. Now, take some sugar and cook it with two to three drops of water to make sugar syrup.
    6. After that, add two tbsp of sugar syrup into the jug along with other ingredients.
    7. Then, mix all the ingredients by using a spoon.
    8. In the next step, add little quantity of water soda into the jug and mix the ingredients well.
    9. After that, add more soda water into the jug as you desire.
    10. In the end, add some ice cubes into the jug.