How to Make Chocolate Swiss Roll With Strawberry at Home


How to Make Chocolate Swiss Roll With Strawberry at Home

How to Make Chocolate Swiss Roll With Strawberry at Home One would think that after 8 months of hosting the chocolate party I get my act together and post on time. Sorry to disappoint you but this month was so close to not having a party at all.When we picked strawberries as the secret ingredient for this month challenge not in a million years I had thought I have such a hard time baking something edible and pretty enough to take decent pictures of.

Three is a charm? I used to believe that. Not anymore. It took me 6 ruined cakes and almost 10 pounds of strawberries to complete this month’s challenge.This would definitely go in history as my lowest baking point. I was so close to throwing in the towel and looking at the pile of dirty dishes made me cry even more.I had to take a couple of days away from the oven. I needed to clear my mind.

With one day left until the reveal day I got myself together, measured the ingredients a couple of times and turned the oven on.Fingers crossed while walking back and forth in front of the oven. No one was allowed to enter the kitchen. No one was allowed to make a noise. I was being selfish.

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A few minutes later, the cake came out of the oven. Quickly rolled the sponge chocolate cake in a tea towel and prayed I would be able to unroll it in one piece.Hours later, after the cake was completely cooled it was time to see if I call off the chocolate party or start decorating.Yay! A happy dance was required. The cake was unrolled in one piece. Time to whip the filling, dice the strawberries and start partying like 1999.