How To Make Tempting Chicken Shashlik With Gravy at Home


How To Make Tempting Chicken Shashlik With Gravy at Home

Tempting Chicken Shashlik With Gravy at Home.Today, I am going to share a delicious recipe to make Chinese Chicken Shashlik with Gravy at home by following a simple procedure. It is a Chinese recipe but can be eaten in the whole world. You can easily make it at home by following simple steps.

Procedure to make Chinese Chicken Shashlik with Gravy

For making Chinese Chicken Shashlik with Gravy at home, you have to follow the given procedure.


  • Chicken boneless cubes, one kg
  • Salt, as per taste
  • Red chili powder, half tsp
  • Turmeric powder, quarter tsp
  • Black pepper powder, half tsp
  • Ginger paste, half tsp
  • Garlic paste, half tsp
  • Vinegar, one tsp
  • Soya sauce, one tsp
  • Tomato paste, four tbsp
  • Tomato ketchup, two tbsp
  • Sliced onions, one cup
  • Capsicum, one medium sized
  • Tomato, one medium sized
  • Cooking oil, as require
  • Ginger, one tbsp


  1. In the first step, take a cooking pan and sauté ginger-garlic paste in oil.
  2. Then, add boneless chicken cubes in the pot and cook.
  3. Now, add salt in the chicken and cook it well.
  4. After that, add dry ingredients in the chicken and mix them well.
  5. Later, add soya sauce and vinegar in the chicken.
  6. Now, give them a good mix by using a spoon.
  7. Then, add tomato paste and tomato sauce to the pot and again mix them.
  8. Don’t dry the water of the chicken because it uses to make the gravy.
  9. After that, cook them for two to three minutes.
  10. Now, add all the cube-shaped vegetables in the chicken and mix them.
  11. Cook the vegetables for one minute and in the last sprinkle ginger over the gravy.
  12. Now, pour out the Shashlik in the serving dish.

Delicious Chinese Chicken Shashlik with Gravy is ready to eat now; you can serve it with fried rice or with chapati.

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