How to Make Chicken Been & Been Curry with Beet Root Pickle


How to Make Chicken Been & Been Curry with Beet Root Pickle at Home

How to Make Chicken Been & Been Curry with Beet Root Pickle at Home Ever heard of a food item that promises health and exhibits an exciting play of flavor and color on our plates? We speak of a humble vegetable that boasts of its unparalleled taste, irresistible ruby-red color and is loaded with nutrients. Beetroot is much more than just a vegetable, it easily fits into your culinary adventures and when added to preparations, it brings alive even the most mundane affairs.

Bundled with health benefits

The radiant beetroot has been identified as a superfood due to its immense nutritional value. According to health experts, regular consumption of beetroot can benefit our health in multiple ways. It’s low in calories (45 calories per 100 gm.) and has almost negligible fat content. Not only this, it helps reduce blood pressure, aids in the production of red blood cells and is a natural blood purifier. Beetroot is an excellent source of iron and is great for maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels. It has anti-ageing properties and assists in maintaining glowing skin and lustrous hair. It is also believed to inhibit cancer cell mutation, prevent DNA damage, boost metabolism and strengthen the digestive system.

How to Buy

While buying beetroot, go for small and firm ones with a dark ruby blush. The vegetable should have an unblemished surface with bright hued leaves and an intact taproot. Avoid hairy taproots as they are indicative of the veggie being old and tough. To ensure freshness, buy the ones that are attached to their leaf stems. Since its leaves are also edible, they can be used in a variety of recipes.

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