How to Make CHICKEN CORN SOUP at Home || Winter Recipe


CHICKEN CORN SOUP at Home || Winter Recipe

CHICKEN CORN SOUP at Home || Winter Recipe Winter has made its presence known in most parts of the world by now and this year it has been early indeed. A cold wind is blowing and the chilly weather is soon to take over. In this type of weather, food becomes even tastier and feels much more delightful, but it is hard to go outside and buy stuff, but fear not, your very own has decided to bring a delicacy of winters, the tasty and healthy.


300 gm chicken (with bones)
1 liter water
1 carrot
50 gm onions
1 tbsp whole Garam Masala
4 pieces garlic
50 gm green coriander
Salt as needed
2 cups chicken stock
1 tbsp chicken powder
½ tsp white pepper powder
1 tbsp Red chili sauce
3 tbsp sweet corn paste
1 kg corn flour
1 Egg


1. In a pan, add chicken (with bones), water, chopped carrot, chopped onions, whole Garam Masalah, Garlic, Green Coriander, salt, and cook them for 30 minutes (chicken stock is ready)
2. Now take a pan, add chicken stock which have prepared, salt, chicken powder, white pepper powder, red chili sauce, sweet corn paste in this chicken stock and boil it
3. Now add corn flour, egg and mix it well
4. Your tasty corn soup is ready to serve

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