How To Make Birthday Special Yummy Mango Cake at Home


How To Make Birthday Special Yummy Mango Cake at Home

How To Make Birthday Special Yummy Mango Cake at Home I have just gone through some of the recipes I made but have not published on this blog yet. And I am now torn between blogging about something new or something old. I guess it won’t really matter to you, so here’s what I made last week for OCT’s birthday. A Mango Cream Cake. Mango cake holds a special place in our household. We don’t normally bake it because of the lack of good sweet mango here. And I also can’t seem to find a reliable recipe on mango cake. The only time it graces our dining table is either OCT or my birthday.

These are time when I am more adventurous and not stress about the outcome. Unlike baking cakes for friends’ birthdays when I have to pray hard for the cakes to turn out well. Luckily most of them request for chocolate cakes, which I am quite competent now. Our birthdays, as it turns out is the best time to experiment. To be fair, I did ask OCT what cake he wanted for his birthday. The answer was consistent all the time, and he said he only wanted mango cake. Even if there’s a possibility of having an “inedible birthday cake”. You can probably tell that OCT is quite a mango aficionado now.

With that in mind, I started to creat one cake based exclusively on trial and error. With the exception on the cake base. I used a base I had tried with good result before. Strictly speaking, I only need to get the mango cream filling and topping right to fulfill my husband’s birthday wish. Even if it turned out miserable, I guess we can still scrap out the yummy cake base to eat.

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