Main Causes of Car Accidents


The car insurance industry’s main problem is the numerous claims their clients demand because of various road accidents. Unfortunately for their customers, these insurance providers in fact transfer this burden to them by increasing their premiums. So now I think it is just right for you to be aware of the main causes of these numerous car accidents so as to be able to avoid in the future.

* Drunk Driving

In 2006, there are 312 road accidents related drunk driving.

* Over the Speed Limit

In a recent case study in Mpumalanga, South Africa, almost 80% of all drivers were driving over the speed limit.

* Drowsiness

In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has considered drowsiness as the overwhelming cause in 4% of all serious road accidents. They say some drivers tend to fall asleep or lose concentration on high-speed, long, boring stretches of road.

Now that you’re aware of the main causes of these tragic road accidents, we hope that you’ll be able to prevent being involved in one. Make sure you know and follow the rules of the road and possess an adequate road accident insurance.