Mahnoush Lawn Prints Summer Collection 2012


Mahnoush is a Persian word for someone who seeks beauty andperfection.Mahnoush has launched their latest Summer lawn collection 2012 in a very wide range of trendy colorful dresses.

Mahnoush is a new emerging fashion brand was established in year 2010 and offers designerlawn prints.

This is Arjumand Amin’s aesthetic.Each year, Mahnoush translates timeless designs from all over the world into this aesthetic, with a unique attention to detail and stunning colours and embroideries.

Mahnoush gives its customers the finest cloth, and designs that go beyond the merely trendy to the genuinely beautiful.Mahnoush stunning lawn collection 2012-2013 has consists of beautiful prints and vibrant colors.

This is of course an inspirational collection that you will must be keep in your wardrobe.We cater to your fashion tastes on every occasion, religious traditional festival, birthday, wedding or casual parties.

We’re about creative styles, vivid colours and bold cuts – Mahnoush Lawn Collection comes your way and will be hitting the stores on the 13th of March!