Leighton Meester Comes Out On Top In Bizarro Lawsuit Against Her Mother


"That's My Boy" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsNext time you think Leighton Meester is just another pretty face, remember that she’s actually a pretty face who’s been quietly and with impressive dignity dealing with her “crazy” mother for years. If you recall, the That’s My Boy actress filed a suit against her mom Constance Meester last July; Constance was allegedly using the $7,500 a month Leighton sent home for her young brother Lex‘s medical fund…to buy herself luxury items “like plastic surgery, Botox, and hair extensions.” That must be some weave if it’s worth ignoring your son’s medical bills, Constance! Must be the finest weave in the entire world!

Meester’s mom allegedly argued in court that her actress daughter “had promised to take care of her,” which we guess somehow translates into having the smooth forehead skin of a wax doll? Luckily the judge on the case ruled that no such agreement existed. According to TMZ, the Gossip Girl actress will not get back the spent funds; instead she “just wanted the judge to make her mother go away.” Why do we have a feeling that won’t be happening any time soon? We were already going to see That’s My Boy; now we’ll want to go just so Leighton can recoup some of her losses!