LCD Monitor Cases – Cheaper Price, Lightweight, Best Protection


Since the past 3 years, I have observed the introduction of many good quality rotationally shaped cases for LCD Monitors and Plasmas, many with off-the-shelf interior choices, that fit specific (or perhaps a range) of screen sizes. These cases may also be being offered at a lower price points due to mass production advantages, and the standardization of decorations. These cases feature rib-protected latches and handles which allow them to satisfy ATA expectations and standards.
Back in the good-old times, the only real LCD Monitor cases available for shipping large-screen monitors were created ATA type wood cases. ATA stands for American Transportation Association, and means a performance and design standard for returnable packaging. In popular parlance, ‘ATA Style’ is becoming associated with manufactured wood street cases that have recessed latches and handles.

Plasma and Monitor LCD displays were far more expensive few years before, so no body complained about utilizing a heavy, custom wood ATA case to guard them. As screen costs have come way down in recent years, it no longer makes sense to pay $1,000 on a 100 lb. case to ship a 36′ LCD check that costs only $400. Furthermore, shipping costs have also risen notably within the last few years, which in turn cause a larger penalty for excessive case weight. These cases are ideal for trade show shipping, training needs, lasting storage, and are difficult enough for military use too.

These cases are not only lighter than comparably sized wood cases, however they also offer a protection level on par together. The molded plastic development entails no bugs, no swelling, and no splintering. As an added advantage, and like their road case predecessors, the surfaces of those cases also can be fixed to permit the case to be used as a TV stand.