Latest Summer Collection 2012 Shoot by Vasim Asghar


Vasim Asghar started his career in 2005, when he was just 16 years old.It was Vasim Asghar passion for fashion which bring me in this field in that age.Vasim Asghar is a very talented and young fashion designerVasim Asghar is a new entry in Pakistani Fashion market. His specialty is luscious flowing creations like cocktail and long frocks etc.Vasim Asghar started from “Deepak Perwani”, first he appointed as a sales person, he  work there for a whole year and learned what client demands and their behaviors, after that he joined “Ismail Farid” as his personal assistant where he have learned lot about cuts, fittings and finishing, then he joined “Shahid Afridi” as a designer, where he have done lots of experiments about embroidery patterns, color embellishment and face the challenge for designing on large scale, he work there till the end of 2009.Latest Summer Collection 2012 Shoot by Vasim Asghar.